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Whether you are Novice investors, value investors, technical investors, quantitive investors or global investors, moomoo provide investing tools for you.

For novice investors, moomoo provides free training courses, paper trading tools, and over 15.5 million moomoo users community to share information.


For value investors, you can get market indicators, not only US, but also Hong Kong, Singapore, Canada, Australia, China, etc.  You can also read fundamental information about individual company. Also, you can read information about iconic value investors’s stock holding information, for example Warrant Buffet investment activities.  Plus, you will get ETF information, and IPO trading tools.


For technical investors, you can get real time Free Level II Data,   short-selling information and tools, option tools, future, margin tools, institute holding information, capital tracking data, etc. all of these help technical investors to time the market.


Forquantitive investors, you have ability to trade in volume and use API access programing.


For global investors, moomoo offers extensive trading hours, currency exchange tool and global stock market.


Below are a few examples of moomoo features. 


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